The # Life. An Interactive Visual Conceptualisation Project


A society driven by technology has been programmed to register and react to specific synthetic sounds. A short video comparing natural sounds and the emotional connotations associated with them, in comparison to the sounds now embedded within us to react... A notification, a ringing, a vibration...something that, eventhough is heard daily, still warrants an immediate response, whilst others go unnoticed. The tweeting of the real world Vs the constant tweeting of technology

#Life through the eyes of a hashtag

An increasingly more common convention, originating from Twitter, whereby the # symbol is included before chosen words inorder to group and catergorise messages of a similar meaning has exploded more recently on the interactional media scene. Observations have demonstrated the extent of this obsession, whereby users feel the need to label eveything within a post made, for very little or no meaning. With audience research participants admitting "it's because other people do it", this trend has evolved and become a worldwide recognised convention amongst all digital natives. The layering of the social media images over the top of real footage of the same place not only allows for this popular behaviour to be seen more clearly but also demonstrates how it makes the images no longer about the place or the experience, but instead about the words written below. This video is additionally representative of the glamourisation in which socia media allows for, hence displaying insight into constructed reality and the fictional portrayal or users real lives online.

Socially acceptable to be anti-socially sociable.

What does it mean to be social? An explanation of popular buzz words recorded from audeince research inviting the audience to question their own behaviours online and their own participation within popluar media conventions.


Aiming to draw an emotive response from users of social media who have, or who have had an experience whereby they are unable to access a notification that they have received. The frustrations that you have been contacted but you cannot recieve it, laced with an annoying sound which you have been programmed to want to immediately respond to is a recipe for uncomfort to say the least. Additionally it should be noted how the person within the video bypass the window and the sounds outside and is immediately distracted and immersed in the screen once a notification has been received.


Read the notifications you would get from your online alter ego. If it could talk back to you and voice your apprehension with regards to your own social media paritcipation, what would it say?


The "selfie". Love them or hate them. Hate to love them or love to hate them. What does your selfie say about you?...and more importanty what are other people really saying about your selfie behind the protective layer of an online profile and the other side of their screen...



A reminder of social media successes in the first instance.


Imagine if emails, tweets, messages, comments, etc, could all be heard.

#NewFlash. June 2008


Would you speak what you tweet? Test it. Search for a hashtag. Listen to it aloud. Bring it into the real world. Without the glossy layer of the social media profile page, what does it say to you?