The # Life. An Interactive Visual Conceptualisation Project

The #Life is an Interactive Visual Design project, displaying the conseptualisation of social media in real life. Drawing upon common themes and opinions surrounding social media, it invites you to open your eyes wide and take a step back from something you are already seeing everywhere you look and to confront the idea that physical reality and a life lived online are beginning to blur. With a majority of the real world now logging in online, whether you are actively a part of it or not... you have heard of it, you are talking about it and it is undeniable that you can get away from it.

The content of this project, demonstrated in a non-linear style narrative, represents the multiple narrative structures of social interaction carried out online across social networks and the serendipity which follows. The selection of interactive graphic products create a hypertext of information, meaning that they allow for extensive cross-referencing between related sections of the associated material and treatment of the topic in hand. The user is able to interact as they see fit and draw apon their own conclusions from what they see.

The #Life invites you to navigate and explore the creative artefacts aiming to demonstrate users subconsious recognition for contemparary social software, which has been concluded from extensive audience research and user testing. This in turn allows for the demonstration of comparisons between offline reality and the constructed online world suggesting how as something initially intended to improve sociality and communication, could potentially evolve into an existentialist movement whereby users heavily using social media could be left feeling isolated and indifferent, freely choosing to involves oneself in common online conduct rather than interact or make sense of the real world that they exist within.

For best results, insert headphones, switch the volume up and use the navigation bar to explore the pathway through this multi-nodal dimension. Note - pause the 3D rotation carousel when watching videos this will stop the movement through the 3D space.